The goal of Mercenaries of Rhyme is to humanize the interactions we have with the artists we showcase with the understanding that we are using our platform to shed light on artists within the city of Chicago and across the world all carving their paths and establishing their narratives within the world of Hip-Hop. Mercenaries of Rhyme or MOR, wants to focus on the basic of Hip-Hop in focusing on the 5th Element, KNOWLEDGE. Our job is to educate our communities as well as provide an introspective look at the difference makers within the Hip-Hop community we form part of.

Since much of the focus is Chicago artists, we hope to provide a platform for artists all honing their craft that might not be getting consideration on bigger platforms. Difference makers in the Hip-Hop community come in all shapes and sizes, from the men and womyn with household names to no buzz that are grinding their way from obscurity to Hip-Hop’s echelon.

In addition to Hip-Hop, a passion/hobby of our is Professional Wrestling so we hope to provide some insight into the realm of the squared circle from indies to major companies. Both Hip-Hop & Pro Wrestling share very similar similarities and are loved and heralded by the community members that follow them. We just hope to humanize the narratives both play in out lives. This is Mercenaries of Rhyme.

**To submit music or get in contact with us, please email mercenariesofrhyme@gmail.com**