Howie Stackz “Catfish Aquarium” [Mixtape]


IllCentral representative Howie Stackz first got on our radar at the end of 2013 with the banger #AskCoachK, which dropped after Stadium Status, a Hip-Hop collaborative he was a part of had disbanded. Howie is flying solo now and is definitely making a name for himself as he drops his debut solo project “Catfish Aquarium”. The project includes production from Harry Fraud, Ski Beats, XXYYXX, Chinza//FLY, among others. Features wise we get Chris Lesage, Cameron Scott, Rosebudd Bitterdose,Dom Lumero, Andy Raps, and Jofred Estilo, amongst others. This is definitely a good listen so make sure you DOWNLOAD this project. More on the project and Howie Stackz below.

Who is Howie $tackz? Only the dopest you’ve never heard. Welcome to his debut mixtape, THE FIRST solo mixtape EVER since Stadium Status disbanded in 2013. You’ve seen him, you’ve heard him, you might have even experienced an opening performance, but now here is an intimate look at the man you will come to know as “Howie”.

On Catfish Aquarium you will soak in eclectic sounds from the soul meshed with southern hats, midwestern practicality, and a flawless delivery that is matched by few independent artists today.

Howie covers life during and after college, his sentiments on personal loss, and the irony of existence in America in our current times. His dark sense of humor magically brings light to otherwise bleak situations, and his fearlessness & creativity blend forcefully to create a truly astonishing sonic blend.

How does it feel to yearn for greatness while tormented by mediocrity? How does it feel to maintain dignity at a table of scavengers? How can you feel peace without feeling turmoil? How can you escape the everyday pain of life without reality, and reality without meaning?

Catfish Aquarium.



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