Mick Jenkins “Jazz” [Music Video]

There’s a whole lot of “Jazz” surrounding Mick Jenkins forthcoming project The Water[s] that will be dropping August 12th. In his latest visual and short film, Mick Jenkins illustrates just how the meek inherit the earth and purity in it’s rawest form as we see a struggling community fighting to preserve and survive for the last remaining of good in their community. This kind of reminded me of the film Children of Men, as the world meets it’s judgement day and fights for its future, young Mick Jenkins comes to give hope to the masses. That judgement day is coming. The Water[s] will be flowing very soon..


The Water[s] tracklist:

1. “Shipwrecked” f/ The Mind (Prod. by ThemPeoples)

2. “THC” (Prod. by THC)

3. “The Waters” (Prod. by High Klassfied and Da P)

4. “Healer” f/ Jean Deaux (Prod. by Dream Koala and OnGaud)

5. “Comfortable” f/ No Name Gypsy (Prod. by Cam for J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)

6. “Vibe” (Prod. by OnGaud)

7. “Jazz” (Prod. by OnGaud)

8. “Black Sheep” (Prod. by Statik Selektah)

9. “Drink More Water” f/ Ebony (Prod. by Spacetime)

10. “Canada Dry” (Prod. by J Money)

11. “Who Else” (Prod. by TJ Osinulu)

12. “Dehydration” f/ The Mind (Prod. by DJ Dahi)

13. “514 (Prod. by OnGaud)

14. “Martyrs” (Prod. by OnGaud)

15. “Jerome” f/ Joey Bada$$ (Prod. by Kirk Knight)


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